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T H I S   I S   W H A T   W E   D O

Although we offer a broad range of consulting services, software engineering is both our passion and specialization. Everything we do is important to the selection and creation of quality software to automate tasks, solve problems, and streamline business operations.

We build desktop, mobile, and web-based solutions. Whether you need an e-commerce-enabled web site, a content-management solution, or a location-enabled Android app, we can bring your vision to life.

W H Y   C U S T O M   S O F T W A R E ?

Too often, off-the-shelf, shrink-wrapped, one-size-fits-all software simply cannot meet the needs of a company. Regardless of size, nearly every commercial entity eventually finds itself in need of custom software.

Usually, the dilemma is ignored for months or years while employees languish every day in frustrating, time-eating, needless inefficiency. Redundant information-entry, unlinked data stores, inadequate reporting, presentation over usability, lack of web/mobile access — these are some of the common problems plaguing enterprises of all size, from microbusinesses to global corporations.

Blade Technologies creates software tailored to your business model, day-to-day operations, and industry standards and regulations. Once completed, your business will enjoy priority, on-site training and support from technicians and engineers.

B U T   W H A T   A B O U T   C O S T S ?

Niche and other vertical-market ventures are especially vulnerable to software deficiencies, as mass-market programs simply aren't designed with specialized requirements in mind. Ironically, these types of businesses are generally the least likely to take action, believing our assistance unaffordable.

That's why we offer free initial consultations: We will visit your site, observe your workflow, interview your employees, and hear your problems so we can provide an informed assessment of your situation. In many cases, we'll be able to provide an estimate within a few hours of completing this consultation — sometimes even before we leave.

That said, it's true that custom development costs can be considerable, so our practices are designed to lower costs without sacrificing quality. If we find that long-term benefits won't clearly outweigh your investment, we will tell you as much, shake your hand, and be on our way.

W H A T   I F   O U R   S I T U A T I O N   I S   M O R E   C O M P L I C A T E D ?

If circumstances dictate and you opt to hire us, we'll perform a feasibility study to clarify uncertainties. This typically includes a cost-benefit analysis, in some cases replaced or supplemented by a cost-effectiveness analysis and/or a risk-benefit analysis. While cost-benefit analyses are ideally performed by a third-party or neutral client-employee to avoid the appearance of bias, rest assured we know that spawning unrealistic expectations is prelude to disappointment. Objectivity is king.

If your business has already prepared an RFQ or an RFP/IFB and follow-up communications fail to clarify any ambiguities, we may still suggest an on-site consultation to enable us to provide the most accurate quote possible. Of course, we're happy to respond to RFIs, as well.

H O W   D O   W E   G E T   I S   S T A R T E D ?

Contact us today for a free consultation to determine whether a custom software solution is right for your business.

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